Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pixicast Episode 005!

I finally found the time to record Pixicast Episode 005! Pixicast is released through the Palace Network on Ning by Pixieguts and me. Enjoy 110 minutes of electronic awesomeness!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Video 'Freedom' - Merry Christmas!

As a little Christmas gift from me to you I have published the music video for Freedom from the upcoming album Red turns to Blue on YouTube and

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dave of Voide

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Voide Remix Release

The Voide remix of eQo - Just a little bit more has just been released on netBloc Volume 25 (From Darkness Cometh The Light) - it is a FREE download! This remix is the fruit of the collaboration made possible by Ben of eQo through the Palace Network on Ning. I really liked (and still like) the original and I was eager to do a remix given the opportunity. My remix has a lot in similar with the original track by eQo, I just added my own touch of mixing and ideas - it is hard to improve perfection. Consider it to be the same song in a different flavor, I hope you will enjoy it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Red turns to Blue relase date

The release date for the new exiting Voide album has now been set. Red turns to Blue will be released January the 1:st 2010 on most digital distribution stores. I changed the distributor for the new album and as a result it will be available on some 300+ different on-line music stores world wide making music by Voide easier to find, discover and share hopefully.

The Artwork of Red turns to Blue
I had the pleasure and fun time working together with very talented photographer Are Eidet that created the artwork for the Red turns to Blue album, below a screen shot of the cover.

Tonight 11 PM (GMT time) December 17 on Scrub Radio DJ UKRED will during her Christmas Special feature one of the brand new tracks from the upcoming album, make sure you bring your best dancing shoes!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New 'Traffic' music video!

A new music video for 'Traffic' has been published, it is available on Youtube (this link: ) or you can play it right here in the blog.
I hope that you will like it =)

Going forward I aim to produce a bit more advanced music videos than in the past. I always have images in my mind when I write my music and it is great to be able to express some of that in music video. I still have somewhat limited skills to say the least but I am enjoying this as a learning experience.

Traffic by Voide

Friday, December 11, 2009

Preview/Review of new Album

If you are a reviewer, podcaster, music journalist or similar and is interested in previewing and as a result reviewing the new Voide album 'Red Turns to Blue' then please contact me by sending me a message on MySpace.

Link to Voide on MySpace

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red turns to Blue

As promised, here are some additional details about the new Voide album 'Red turns to Blue'

The preliminary track list:
01. The beat of you feat Pixieguts
02. Traffic
03. Red turns to Blue feat Pixieguts
04. When the skies are grey
05. Love feat Suzie Electric
06. Necropolis feat Pixieguts
07. Beauty for the Wicked
08. On my way home
09. Into the sun feat Pixieguts
10. Lazy
11. Flick the Switch
12. Freedom
13. Wonders of the blue planet
14. Epic

As you can see, four tracks are featuring Marie Craven (Pixieguts) and I think that you will be as excited as I and Marie are about these tracks. The Red turns to Blue track lyrics is based on a poem by Isabel Lavender titled 'the sad word goodbye'. Isabel has kindly given her permission to use her great lyrics in my music and Pixieguts performs them with depth and feeling as always. That is why I cherish the collaboration we have so much.

Voide goes limited
Meaning what exactly? It means that the new album will primarily distributed in digital format. I will produce a very limited edition hard copy CD version for my true fans. This is for us oldies that still prefer to have a physical product to behold. There will be only 50 albums available in the standard Voide high quality CD format so when the time comes to start ordering you better be quick about it.

Voide goes unlimited (almost)
With my new distributor, music by Voide will be available on a huge list of additional international sites compared to today including better coverage for Europe and Asia.

Ah, soon. The date is not set yet for the release of Red turns to Blue but I can share with you that it will be out in January 2010 at the latest. There are some last things to sort out before it can be made available that are quite important. The album tracks are currently in the final stage of mastering with Peter at TailorMaid, so the long wait is soon over. Hopefully the festivities during Christmas will divert your attention a bit so that the wait does not feel too long now that I have shared the news of what is about to come.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upcoming release

I have some great news to share and that is that the arrival of the new Voide album not far away. During the last year I have been working on 13 new tracks for the album where three of them have been released on the Lazy single in August this year. The album will have 14 tracks in total and the additional track is Love featuring Suzie Electric from the single with the same name. I feel that this song never got the visibility it deserves and hence it is included on the album.

I am also mighty proud to announce that four tracks features Australian vocalist Pixegieguts (M. Craven). We had lots of fun (even the hard work was fun) and are really happy with the four very different tracks. The title track of the album, Red Turns to Blue, is a beautiful and almost spiritual track inspired by and partially used lyrics written by Isabel Lavender. For me this is really exciting being the first artist to release a song based on Isabels lyrics, it is also exciting for Isabel of course!

Red turns to Blue is in my opinion (slightly biased) the strongest Voide album to date. It features dreamy electronica, tracks that will make you want to dance for sure and some other pretty wicked tracks true to my style :) I will publish the complete track list soon with all the details about the album, so stay tuned for more news soon!

And if I can ask you a favor, please help me spread the word about my music to anyone that you think my like what I produce. I will be forever grateful if you help me as one of my biggest struggles is spreading about my music. I only know so many people and your help truly counts! Now that Voide have a facebook page it is a lot easier too :)

More news soon....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At what price do you like 'free'?

A friend tipped me of this article well worth a read on the topic 'free'.

We are used to the never ending rants of 'free music and movies', how about free journalism and 'free' stuff in general?

Personally I am no big fan of 'free'. It usually means that you have to accept something at a lower quality simply because it is free OR that it is not actually free - the costs you pay for it are just hidden in clever ways.

The linked article focuses on a specific newspaper in the UK, but that is not what is relevant. What IS relevant are the questions that are asked and what it is that makes quality work 'free'.

If you have the time, then I really recommend this read:
If the future's worth having, it won't be free

Relating to my music, some of my songs are made available free. Why, you say?

It is not because I think that anybody in the world that may like my music can't afford to spend ~1€ on one of my tracks.

I do it for two reasons:
  1. I am a small independent unknown artist, having some of my music for free helps me get some attention in the ever increasing buzz on the Internet.
  2. As I don't live on the income from my music (yeah, that would be the day!) I am not depending on it to pay my bills.

I spend tremendous amounts of time and money producing my music. To date I have spent about 5000€ more than the income has been. Am I insane?
I don't think so.

I aim to deliver quality products, in my case music, or an experience as I like to view it.

Some may not like what I produce. I am fine with that. I am not forcing anybody to buy or listen to my music. Neither do I allow myself to lower the quality just so that I can make it 'free'.

I am happy to pay for quality, I do and I will continue to do so.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Album

It's been a while since the last update but it is now time to provide you with a short update on what is going on in the world of Voide. 7 tracks are ready for the upcoming album, and I am currently working on 6 more tracks with various levels of completion. I feel very inspired at the moment and I am excited by the ideas for the remaining songs. The challenge I have is that it is hard to find the required time to work with the tracks, but I am persistent and I will and am working as soon as I can get some spare time. I am also glad to announce the Pixieguts will be featured on more tracks on the upcoming album as a result of the great sucess that we had with 'Into the Sun'!

The upcoming, and still untitled album, will be a very unique listener experience true to the Voide sound and concept. I am striving to broaden the scope of what a track by Voide sounds like. No release date has been set, I don't want to feel even more pressure to deliver the album - it will be ready when it is ready. Hopefully in Q1 2010.

eQo remix
The eQo remix that I did on the track 'Just a little bit more' has been accepted for a netlabel release and I am of course very happy about this as is Ben from eQo. I'll post more info about it as soon as there is anything to share.

Aggregator mishap
Due to some unfortunate events at my aggregator CDBABY the digital distribution of the LAZY single has been delayed until now. I am of course not very happy about this and it has been totally out of my control. The good news is that it should be available on iTunes, Spotify and other digital distribution and streaming services in the near future.

Greetings from the X2000 train between Gothenburg and Stockholm in Sweden.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Marc Tater reviews 'Lazy'

The music site Chain D.L.K music features a review of my latest CD-single 'Lazy' written by the Independent music journalist (and artist) Marc Tater.

Visit Chain D.L.K to read the review.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am currently very busy with IRL matters, not much time to focus on music at the moment unfortunately. I am posting this just to let the few of you that follow my updates that I am working on repairing my spaceship and I will undock soon. See ya out there in what I hope is a not too distant future!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pixicast Episode #4

Pixicast episode number four has just been published. During the last couple of weeks I and Pixieguts have been selecting tracks, contacting the artists, asking for permissions, arranging the playlist and preparing for the show. Episode four have a great selection of tracks from around the world, vocal electronica, IDM, post rock, trip-hop,alternative and related genres.

The tracklist:
01 TheTrees - Odd One Out (UK)
02 VFSix - Moscow (Russia)
03 Voodoo Economics - In the next place, cement will float like trees. (USA)
04 Re-Drum - Purple (France)
05 Serkan Süleymaniye - Pir (Turkey)
06 Autorotation - Ginger Pants (UK)
07 Vienna Psychoanalytical Society - There Is No Normal (Canada)
08 Fox Thomas - Dying (UK/Netherlands)
09 Jane Silence - Ache (USA/Greece)
10 Jennifer Delano - Amsterdam - Si Begg's Grumpy Old Dj Remix (Netherlands)
11 Cwtch - Fragility (Wales/Australia)
12 Max Waves - Double-U (t-phone mix) (Italy)
13 Baskyl - Mrs. Sibah Reign (Germany)
14 Distant Fires Burning - Messier 70 - NGC 6681 (Belgium)

Pixicast official website
Pixicast on iTunes
Pixicast on

Enjoy and subscribe!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


7,5 metric tons of gravel is keeping me away from music at the moment. I decided it was time to do something about the driveway. When that is over and done with and if I am still standing I will return to produce episode four of Pixicast. The track list is ready, most of the artists have sent us (me and Pixieguts) additional info and facts for your enjoyment. I plan to record this episode sometime this week.

That is all for now..back to work :P

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A friend tipped me about this blog post by Donald Melanson on a study performed LEDs and compact fluorescent lights. I am not surprised.

In my original post I also forgot to mention two other things:
Regular bulbs generate heat, lots of heat in fact. When lighting no longer generates the same amount of heat that need for heating is transferred elsewhere. So whatever heating source one is using, it will consume more energy to compensate for the reduced heating generated by replacing 'energy inefficient' light bulbs with alternative lighting.

The other thing I forgot to mention is that when you need to open the windows for 20-30 minutes in a country like Sweden during the winter season to get rid of(?) the toxic mercury gas from a broken hot low energy light, warming up the room again to normal temperature will consume a lot more energy for that one time re-heating than the low energy light has saved.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Preparing to be Lazy...

When Lazy was almost finished I got the idea for the cover with the teddy, a drink and the sunglasses. I knew I could not take a good enough photo myself so I turned to Are Eidet that designed the cover for the CD single Love that I made together with Suzie Electric. I asked Are if he was interested in helping me and allow me purchase some of his valuable time. I was lucky and Are agreed to help me out and I started to explain my idea.

Are got an early preview version of the track to get the mood that I was after, we discussed how to make the shot and quite quickly we was in agreement. I could not really help out much as there is an ocean dividing us. Are got the task to buy the props for the shot and make my crazy lazy idea reality. When I saw the pictures they were exactly they way I had imagined them!

When the shots were done the work started with designing the cover for the CD single and that included some more collaboration between us. Working with Are is always great fun and he is very professional, that was the main reason I turned to him for help again as I was so very pleased with the result for the Love CD single.

Now the that the single is finished both me and Are can go back to being Lazy =)

If you are ever looking for a photographer to help you out I can recommend Are. A visit to his photo gallery is also recommended!

Friday, July 31, 2009


Very soon traditional light bulbs will be illegal and no longer sold in favor of the low energy lights. This is not exactly breaking news as this was under discussion in EU back in 2007, it is only now that by September 1:st it will start to become a reality. It is interesting how quiet it has been on the topic considering how big a change this is. It is only now in the last couple of weeks that the news magazines have started to bring it up.

I think the goal by reducing the energy consumption for lighting by up to 60 percent (supposed to be equivalent to save 30 million tons of CO2) in the EU is honorable. How EU intend us to reach this coal is another matter. In a traditional political fashion the easy way out is to make something illegal and in this case it is the traditional light bulbs.

This is supposed to (and will) make the sales of low energy lights grow and thus reduce the energy consumption for lighting.

What I find to be food for thought is this:
  • I don't buy the CO2 scam, we keep pouring out toxins into our waters and environments but worry about CO2? Yes we need to mind about our environment but is this really where to start? A politician started this and I think he has a very suiting last name, you know who he is.
  • How much more CO2 is produced by manufacturing low energy lights compared to the traditional ones?
  • Why does EU want us to use low energy lights that are containing mercury? Is that environment friendly?
  • The handling of broken low energy lights are to be treated as toxic waste, how much will this handling cost and how much pollution does that handling generate in terms of CO2 emissions?
  • When a low energy light that is warm breaks, it spreads toxic mercy gas into the room.
  • When a cold low energy light breaks it can leave small droplets of mercury that are more or less impossible to remove or find. You are supposed to wipe the surface and put the wipe into a jar, seal it and dispose of at a recycling plant for toxic waste indicating that there could be traces of toxic in the jar.
  • A low energy light takes time to become fully bright, while warming up they also use more electricity. Installing this type of lighting in short time appliances like bathrooms is far from ideal.
  • Low energy lights are about 3,5 times more expensive than traditional bulbs. They are supposed to last longer but that is not completely true. Some do, some don't.
  • Alternative LED low energy lights are even more expensive, and still needs development. How much has the EU encouraged this alternative during the last 2 years?
On the bright side (phun intended), if we can increase energy efficiency by saving up to 20% of the energy consumption in EU that is good of course. What I don't get is the forced recommendation to use toxic alternatives, It doesn't add up.

Reference articles
Traditional lightbulbs banned by EU - 10.11.2008
EU leaders to make Europe change lightbulbs - 09.03.2007
Merkel eyes 'very difficult' talks on energy liberalisation - 13.02.2007

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Electronic Music Podasts

Discovering great electronic music is still, in my opinion, a challenge as it appears to be a bit of an underground movement. About a year ago I discovered bleepshow that is produced and hosted by Pete Cooper in the UK. To me bleepshow is THE electronic music podcast because it is regularly produced, features so much great music and it is well produced.

If you are open to discover some new talent in electronic music then I can really recommend to tune in to bleepshow.

Pete has also featured my tracks from time to time and each time I am honored to be part of the show!

Below is a list of bleepshow episodes that features my recent tracks or remixes:
Show #420 - Into the Sun featuring Pixieguts - July 24:th
Show #422 - Lazy - July 29
Show #424 - Traffic - upcoming
Show #428 - Voide Remix - Just A Little Bit More by eQo - Upcoming

Pixicast and the Palace Network
Last year I joined the Palace Network on Ning, little did I know at the time that I was to host the Pixicast Podcast a couple of months later. The Palace Network is a listener and musician music community with focus in independent electronic music from around the globe. I have met some really great artists there, made new friends and participated in music collaboration projects.

The founder of the network is Pixieguts and the network was originally created on New members, listeners or artists, are always welcome!

The Pixicast Podcast was created to spread the word about new talented electronic music artists around the world and the first episode was released in January 2009. I took the initiative together with Pixieguts to put together the podcast and it seems our efforts are starting to pay off. Pixicast is growing in popularity and it is great fun to produce each episode while discovering so much new excellent music.

We are currently preparing for episode number four of Pixicast that will be ready soon. While you wait you can always listen to the previous episodes on Podomatic.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music and Magic

The last couple of weeks have been quite intense as I have been preparing for the Lazy single release. With that now out of my hands, as the CD was shipped to manufacturing today, I have spent the last days working on four of the tracks from the upcoming Voide album. There is no release date set yet and I am in no hurry due to the recent release and the fact that Humachine has only been out since January. It is possible that the new album will be ready by New Year.

When I work on my albums I most of the time keep a theme in the back of my head. Electronic music in general have a tendency bring up topics of man/machine and their relationships. Marc Tater has noticed this as well in his reviews of my music. The main reason for this I think is that it goes well with this type of music, but I also think it tends to be individuals who are intellectual that use this theme as it is a bit mystic and intriguing.

I don't think I will abandon the man/machine theme, I rather want to expand the boundaries of it. Tracks on the new Voide album will represent my strive towards this expansion. As I type this there are 7 tracks ready and 3 of these are known already. I am working on a number of new tracks for the album as well, I don't know yet how many of them that will make it. As is normal some tracks will get discarded in the process. I am hoping to have at least one more track with a female vocalist on the album to balance it, especially since I like to use vocoders and I recently added a new one to my arsenal of plug-ins.

Yes I like to read and I read a lot from many different genres. I just finished a series of eleven books by Terry Goodkind that liked so much that I want to mention it here. The Sword of Truth Series is fantasy at it's best. The books feature many complicated and well developed characters, a well built, have a captivating story and the books are incredibly well written (I found two spelling mistakes in 11 books). These are page turners for sure, you will loose sleep!

One of the challenges I had when reading the series was to figure out the reading order, so here is the reading list to help you out:
  1. Wizard's first Rule: Sword of Truth
  2. Stone of Tears
  3. Blood of the Fold
  4. Temple of the Winds
  5. Soul of the Fire
  6. Faith of the Fallen
  7. The pillars of Creation
  8. Naked Empire
  9. Chainfire
  10. Phantom
  11. Confessor

Debt of Bones is a prequel novel that I recommend reading after you have read at least a couple of the books. It is also worth mentioning that even if you are reluctant to read Fantasy, I really recommend these books. Yes there are Fantasy books that are bad, these books are not among them.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy #1

I just found out that Lazy is currently #1 at in Electronica! =)

Voide blog moves

Welcome to the new Voide blog. I decided to move my blog from MySpace (well, the blog is going to stay there but this will be the main blog for Voide from now on). Blogger have a better toolset and system so I'll try it out and see how it works out. With this move I also decided to widen the scope of the blog from previously having been solely focused on my music I will now expand it within the boundaries of the title.

I will continue to write about my music, and speaking of my music make sure that you check out the new single by Voide that is featuring three popular tracks.

These are the tracks
1. Lazy
2. Into the Sun featuring Pixieguts

3. Traffic

Lazy is THE perfect track for relaxing and taking time to enjoy life. If you are going to listen to ONE track today make sure that it is Lazy. If you are going to listen to several tracks today, make sure that at least ONE of them is Lazy!

If you have an account on then you can listen here:

If you want to get a digital copy then visit any of these sites to get it NOW:
Voide Digital (BandCamp)

The hard copy CD version of the single is in production and will be available in August. iTunes, Amazon MP3 and others will feature the single late August 2009. The distributor for Voide is CDBABY.

/Dave of Voide