Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Electronic Music Podasts

Discovering great electronic music is still, in my opinion, a challenge as it appears to be a bit of an underground movement. About a year ago I discovered bleepshow that is produced and hosted by Pete Cooper in the UK. To me bleepshow is THE electronic music podcast because it is regularly produced, features so much great music and it is well produced.

If you are open to discover some new talent in electronic music then I can really recommend to tune in to bleepshow.

Pete has also featured my tracks from time to time and each time I am honored to be part of the show!

Below is a list of bleepshow episodes that features my recent tracks or remixes:
Show #420 - Into the Sun featuring Pixieguts - July 24:th
Show #422 - Lazy - July 29
Show #424 - Traffic - upcoming
Show #428 - Voide Remix - Just A Little Bit More by eQo - Upcoming

Pixicast and the Palace Network
Last year I joined the Palace Network on Ning, little did I know at the time that I was to host the Pixicast Podcast a couple of months later. The Palace Network is a listener and musician music community with focus in independent electronic music from around the globe. I have met some really great artists there, made new friends and participated in music collaboration projects.

The founder of the network is Pixieguts and the network was originally created on New members, listeners or artists, are always welcome!

The Pixicast Podcast was created to spread the word about new talented electronic music artists around the world and the first episode was released in January 2009. I took the initiative together with Pixieguts to put together the podcast and it seems our efforts are starting to pay off. Pixicast is growing in popularity and it is great fun to produce each episode while discovering so much new excellent music.

We are currently preparing for episode number four of Pixicast that will be ready soon. While you wait you can always listen to the previous episodes on Podomatic.

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