Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Music and Magic

The last couple of weeks have been quite intense as I have been preparing for the Lazy single release. With that now out of my hands, as the CD was shipped to manufacturing today, I have spent the last days working on four of the tracks from the upcoming Voide album. There is no release date set yet and I am in no hurry due to the recent release and the fact that Humachine has only been out since January. It is possible that the new album will be ready by New Year.

When I work on my albums I most of the time keep a theme in the back of my head. Electronic music in general have a tendency bring up topics of man/machine and their relationships. Marc Tater has noticed this as well in his reviews of my music. The main reason for this I think is that it goes well with this type of music, but I also think it tends to be individuals who are intellectual that use this theme as it is a bit mystic and intriguing.

I don't think I will abandon the man/machine theme, I rather want to expand the boundaries of it. Tracks on the new Voide album will represent my strive towards this expansion. As I type this there are 7 tracks ready and 3 of these are known already. I am working on a number of new tracks for the album as well, I don't know yet how many of them that will make it. As is normal some tracks will get discarded in the process. I am hoping to have at least one more track with a female vocalist on the album to balance it, especially since I like to use vocoders and I recently added a new one to my arsenal of plug-ins.

Yes I like to read and I read a lot from many different genres. I just finished a series of eleven books by Terry Goodkind that liked so much that I want to mention it here. The Sword of Truth Series is fantasy at it's best. The books feature many complicated and well developed characters, a well built, have a captivating story and the books are incredibly well written (I found two spelling mistakes in 11 books). These are page turners for sure, you will loose sleep!

One of the challenges I had when reading the series was to figure out the reading order, so here is the reading list to help you out:
  1. Wizard's first Rule: Sword of Truth
  2. Stone of Tears
  3. Blood of the Fold
  4. Temple of the Winds
  5. Soul of the Fire
  6. Faith of the Fallen
  7. The pillars of Creation
  8. Naked Empire
  9. Chainfire
  10. Phantom
  11. Confessor

Debt of Bones is a prequel novel that I recommend reading after you have read at least a couple of the books. It is also worth mentioning that even if you are reluctant to read Fantasy, I really recommend these books. Yes there are Fantasy books that are bad, these books are not among them.

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