Monday, July 27, 2009

Voide blog moves

Welcome to the new Voide blog. I decided to move my blog from MySpace (well, the blog is going to stay there but this will be the main blog for Voide from now on). Blogger have a better toolset and system so I'll try it out and see how it works out. With this move I also decided to widen the scope of the blog from previously having been solely focused on my music I will now expand it within the boundaries of the title.

I will continue to write about my music, and speaking of my music make sure that you check out the new single by Voide that is featuring three popular tracks.

These are the tracks
1. Lazy
2. Into the Sun featuring Pixieguts

3. Traffic

Lazy is THE perfect track for relaxing and taking time to enjoy life. If you are going to listen to ONE track today make sure that it is Lazy. If you are going to listen to several tracks today, make sure that at least ONE of them is Lazy!

If you have an account on then you can listen here:

If you want to get a digital copy then visit any of these sites to get it NOW:
Voide Digital (BandCamp)

The hard copy CD version of the single is in production and will be available in August. iTunes, Amazon MP3 and others will feature the single late August 2009. The distributor for Voide is CDBABY.

/Dave of Voide

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