Monday, August 17, 2009

Pixicast Episode #4

Pixicast episode number four has just been published. During the last couple of weeks I and Pixieguts have been selecting tracks, contacting the artists, asking for permissions, arranging the playlist and preparing for the show. Episode four have a great selection of tracks from around the world, vocal electronica, IDM, post rock, trip-hop,alternative and related genres.

The tracklist:
01 TheTrees - Odd One Out (UK)
02 VFSix - Moscow (Russia)
03 Voodoo Economics - In the next place, cement will float like trees. (USA)
04 Re-Drum - Purple (France)
05 Serkan Süleymaniye - Pir (Turkey)
06 Autorotation - Ginger Pants (UK)
07 Vienna Psychoanalytical Society - There Is No Normal (Canada)
08 Fox Thomas - Dying (UK/Netherlands)
09 Jane Silence - Ache (USA/Greece)
10 Jennifer Delano - Amsterdam - Si Begg's Grumpy Old Dj Remix (Netherlands)
11 Cwtch - Fragility (Wales/Australia)
12 Max Waves - Double-U (t-phone mix) (Italy)
13 Baskyl - Mrs. Sibah Reign (Germany)
14 Distant Fires Burning - Messier 70 - NGC 6681 (Belgium)

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