Saturday, August 1, 2009

Preparing to be Lazy...

When Lazy was almost finished I got the idea for the cover with the teddy, a drink and the sunglasses. I knew I could not take a good enough photo myself so I turned to Are Eidet that designed the cover for the CD single Love that I made together with Suzie Electric. I asked Are if he was interested in helping me and allow me purchase some of his valuable time. I was lucky and Are agreed to help me out and I started to explain my idea.

Are got an early preview version of the track to get the mood that I was after, we discussed how to make the shot and quite quickly we was in agreement. I could not really help out much as there is an ocean dividing us. Are got the task to buy the props for the shot and make my crazy lazy idea reality. When I saw the pictures they were exactly they way I had imagined them!

When the shots were done the work started with designing the cover for the CD single and that included some more collaboration between us. Working with Are is always great fun and he is very professional, that was the main reason I turned to him for help again as I was so very pleased with the result for the Love CD single.

Now the that the single is finished both me and Are can go back to being Lazy =)

If you are ever looking for a photographer to help you out I can recommend Are. A visit to his photo gallery is also recommended!

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