Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pixicast Episode 005!

I finally found the time to record Pixicast Episode 005! Pixicast is released through the Palace Network on Ning by Pixieguts and me. Enjoy 110 minutes of electronic awesomeness!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Video 'Freedom' - Merry Christmas!

As a little Christmas gift from me to you I have published the music video for Freedom from the upcoming album Red turns to Blue on YouTube and

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Dave of Voide

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Voide Remix Release

The Voide remix of eQo - Just a little bit more has just been released on netBloc Volume 25 (From Darkness Cometh The Light) - it is a FREE download! This remix is the fruit of the collaboration made possible by Ben of eQo through the Palace Network on Ning. I really liked (and still like) the original and I was eager to do a remix given the opportunity. My remix has a lot in similar with the original track by eQo, I just added my own touch of mixing and ideas - it is hard to improve perfection. Consider it to be the same song in a different flavor, I hope you will enjoy it!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Red turns to Blue relase date

The release date for the new exiting Voide album has now been set. Red turns to Blue will be released January the 1:st 2010 on most digital distribution stores. I changed the distributor for the new album and as a result it will be available on some 300+ different on-line music stores world wide making music by Voide easier to find, discover and share hopefully.

The Artwork of Red turns to Blue
I had the pleasure and fun time working together with very talented photographer Are Eidet that created the artwork for the Red turns to Blue album, below a screen shot of the cover.

Tonight 11 PM (GMT time) December 17 on Scrub Radio DJ UKRED will during her Christmas Special feature one of the brand new tracks from the upcoming album, make sure you bring your best dancing shoes!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New 'Traffic' music video!

A new music video for 'Traffic' has been published, it is available on Youtube (this link: ) or you can play it right here in the blog.
I hope that you will like it =)

Going forward I aim to produce a bit more advanced music videos than in the past. I always have images in my mind when I write my music and it is great to be able to express some of that in music video. I still have somewhat limited skills to say the least but I am enjoying this as a learning experience.

Traffic by Voide

Friday, December 11, 2009

Preview/Review of new Album

If you are a reviewer, podcaster, music journalist or similar and is interested in previewing and as a result reviewing the new Voide album 'Red Turns to Blue' then please contact me by sending me a message on MySpace.

Link to Voide on MySpace

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red turns to Blue

As promised, here are some additional details about the new Voide album 'Red turns to Blue'

The preliminary track list:
01. The beat of you feat Pixieguts
02. Traffic
03. Red turns to Blue feat Pixieguts
04. When the skies are grey
05. Love feat Suzie Electric
06. Necropolis feat Pixieguts
07. Beauty for the Wicked
08. On my way home
09. Into the sun feat Pixieguts
10. Lazy
11. Flick the Switch
12. Freedom
13. Wonders of the blue planet
14. Epic

As you can see, four tracks are featuring Marie Craven (Pixieguts) and I think that you will be as excited as I and Marie are about these tracks. The Red turns to Blue track lyrics is based on a poem by Isabel Lavender titled 'the sad word goodbye'. Isabel has kindly given her permission to use her great lyrics in my music and Pixieguts performs them with depth and feeling as always. That is why I cherish the collaboration we have so much.

Voide goes limited
Meaning what exactly? It means that the new album will primarily distributed in digital format. I will produce a very limited edition hard copy CD version for my true fans. This is for us oldies that still prefer to have a physical product to behold. There will be only 50 albums available in the standard Voide high quality CD format so when the time comes to start ordering you better be quick about it.

Voide goes unlimited (almost)
With my new distributor, music by Voide will be available on a huge list of additional international sites compared to today including better coverage for Europe and Asia.

Ah, soon. The date is not set yet for the release of Red turns to Blue but I can share with you that it will be out in January 2010 at the latest. There are some last things to sort out before it can be made available that are quite important. The album tracks are currently in the final stage of mastering with Peter at TailorMaid, so the long wait is soon over. Hopefully the festivities during Christmas will divert your attention a bit so that the wait does not feel too long now that I have shared the news of what is about to come.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upcoming release

I have some great news to share and that is that the arrival of the new Voide album not far away. During the last year I have been working on 13 new tracks for the album where three of them have been released on the Lazy single in August this year. The album will have 14 tracks in total and the additional track is Love featuring Suzie Electric from the single with the same name. I feel that this song never got the visibility it deserves and hence it is included on the album.

I am also mighty proud to announce that four tracks features Australian vocalist Pixegieguts (M. Craven). We had lots of fun (even the hard work was fun) and are really happy with the four very different tracks. The title track of the album, Red Turns to Blue, is a beautiful and almost spiritual track inspired by and partially used lyrics written by Isabel Lavender. For me this is really exciting being the first artist to release a song based on Isabels lyrics, it is also exciting for Isabel of course!

Red turns to Blue is in my opinion (slightly biased) the strongest Voide album to date. It features dreamy electronica, tracks that will make you want to dance for sure and some other pretty wicked tracks true to my style :) I will publish the complete track list soon with all the details about the album, so stay tuned for more news soon!

And if I can ask you a favor, please help me spread the word about my music to anyone that you think my like what I produce. I will be forever grateful if you help me as one of my biggest struggles is spreading about my music. I only know so many people and your help truly counts! Now that Voide have a facebook page it is a lot easier too :)

More news soon....