Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red turns to Blue

As promised, here are some additional details about the new Voide album 'Red turns to Blue'

The preliminary track list:
01. The beat of you feat Pixieguts
02. Traffic
03. Red turns to Blue feat Pixieguts
04. When the skies are grey
05. Love feat Suzie Electric
06. Necropolis feat Pixieguts
07. Beauty for the Wicked
08. On my way home
09. Into the sun feat Pixieguts
10. Lazy
11. Flick the Switch
12. Freedom
13. Wonders of the blue planet
14. Epic

As you can see, four tracks are featuring Marie Craven (Pixieguts) and I think that you will be as excited as I and Marie are about these tracks. The Red turns to Blue track lyrics is based on a poem by Isabel Lavender titled 'the sad word goodbye'. Isabel has kindly given her permission to use her great lyrics in my music and Pixieguts performs them with depth and feeling as always. That is why I cherish the collaboration we have so much.

Voide goes limited
Meaning what exactly? It means that the new album will primarily distributed in digital format. I will produce a very limited edition hard copy CD version for my true fans. This is for us oldies that still prefer to have a physical product to behold. There will be only 50 albums available in the standard Voide high quality CD format so when the time comes to start ordering you better be quick about it.

Voide goes unlimited (almost)
With my new distributor, music by Voide will be available on a huge list of additional international sites compared to today including better coverage for Europe and Asia.

Ah, soon. The date is not set yet for the release of Red turns to Blue but I can share with you that it will be out in January 2010 at the latest. There are some last things to sort out before it can be made available that are quite important. The album tracks are currently in the final stage of mastering with Peter at TailorMaid, so the long wait is soon over. Hopefully the festivities during Christmas will divert your attention a bit so that the wait does not feel too long now that I have shared the news of what is about to come.

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  1. Looking forward to the new album Dave. Hope to play some tracks on PC Podcast soon. I'll blog some more about the album when it comes out, meanwhile check here or my tweets at @petecogle