Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upcoming release

I have some great news to share and that is that the arrival of the new Voide album not far away. During the last year I have been working on 13 new tracks for the album where three of them have been released on the Lazy single in August this year. The album will have 14 tracks in total and the additional track is Love featuring Suzie Electric from the single with the same name. I feel that this song never got the visibility it deserves and hence it is included on the album.

I am also mighty proud to announce that four tracks features Australian vocalist Pixegieguts (M. Craven). We had lots of fun (even the hard work was fun) and are really happy with the four very different tracks. The title track of the album, Red Turns to Blue, is a beautiful and almost spiritual track inspired by and partially used lyrics written by Isabel Lavender. For me this is really exciting being the first artist to release a song based on Isabels lyrics, it is also exciting for Isabel of course!

Red turns to Blue is in my opinion (slightly biased) the strongest Voide album to date. It features dreamy electronica, tracks that will make you want to dance for sure and some other pretty wicked tracks true to my style :) I will publish the complete track list soon with all the details about the album, so stay tuned for more news soon!

And if I can ask you a favor, please help me spread the word about my music to anyone that you think my like what I produce. I will be forever grateful if you help me as one of my biggest struggles is spreading about my music. I only know so many people and your help truly counts! Now that Voide have a facebook page it is a lot easier too :)

More news soon....

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