Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smojo award - runner-up!

Thanks to all who voted for Voide and gave me the support, kudos! =)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New FREE Voide track - Sleighride!

Brand new release by Voide available for streaming and FREE download to fans of Voide that have signed up for the newsletter at Reverbnation! - check it out, tune in!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Voide nominated @ Somojo!

Voide is nominated as one of the male artists of the year 2010 over at - A website dedicated to independent artists. If you feel like supporting me (or my collaborator Pixieguts that is nominated as female artist of the year) then you have your chance until December 4.
Your support really means a lot!

It has been quite silent from Voide for a while, I've been busy although that is not a valid excuse. To get the balance right again Voide will release a new track together with Pixieguts and also a new Voide remix soon! More news about this is coming. Also considering an X-mas treat this year for everybody that is a fan of Voide at

All Voide tracks are available on iTunes and Spotify.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Traffic track of the week at GB in June!

Starting June 21:st TRAFFIC (currently scoring a whopping 4.7!) from the Red turns to Blue album will be featured as the track of the week on in Electronica. If you have the time the please also read the reviews. Do you share the reviewers point of view?

Traffic will also be featured in the Electronica podcast on Garageband.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New single Side by Side released!

The latest single by Voide is once again a project together with female vocalist Pixieguts from Australia. Side by Side, as the title is of this new release, is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and many other sites. Availability from site to site differs.

Side by Side is a track about the changing seasons as well as the seasons of relationships. Vocals and lyrics by Pixieguts, music and production by Voide.
Mastering by Peter In de Betou of Tailor Maid Production.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Voide remix of ElectricOkra - Amplifiers released today

Available from iTunes, Amazon. The full list of sites with this release is available on the EML Recordings social network on wackwall.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Music video for Red turns to Blue

It's been quite a while since the last update but here is a long overdue update on what has and is going on.

First of all the music video for Red turns to Blue has been published on YouTube, check it out below and feel welcome to comment on it.

Voide remixes ElectricOkra
Right after the Red turns to Blue album release I contacted ElectricOkra and wanted to remix his track 'Amplifiers'. I was happy to get the permission and the voide remix is about to be released on EML Network Volume One by EML Recordings on April 26th. Please also consider joining the EML Recordings facebook group to get the latest news, there are some really great artists releasing their music through this label!

If you want a sneak peak of my ElectricOkra - Amplifiers remix then you can tune in to the EML Recordings Podcast #4 here.

Me and Pixieguts also published episode #6 of the popular Pixicast podcast. As usual it features great electronic music from around the world. Pixicast is now a proud member of AMP - Association of Music Podcasting. We are currently preparing episode 007 so remember to drop by the Palace Network to submit music for consideration. Listen and subscribe to Pixicast here.

Upcoming release
Me and Pixieguts have been working on a new track in parallel for the last couple of months that will be released late April or very early May this year. This new track is actually quite old, or rather, the music is as I composed it back in 2008 when working on the Humachine album. The track has a very distinct 80s feeling to it that we both hope that you will enjoy. It will be a digital release only, available through iTunes and similar channels.

More music...
In parallel with the above I have started working on a number of new tracks for a potential new album. I have not decided anything yet, I want to see where music takes me first. I am currently in a minimal kraftwerk type mood and exploring what that will lead to. Kraftwerk has always been a major inspiration source to me and I use that as a never ending source of inspiration without trying to replicate their work. I also have some other ideas that I am exploring, this to keep it fun, challenging and interesting.

Your are also welcome to join the Voide facebook group :)

That's all for now.
Take care folks!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peter Cogle interviews me about music and the new album

Episode #293 of PC podcast by Pete Cogle features an extensive interview with me about the new album and the road that lead to it including some historical facts, information on ongoing projects and anectodal information. It was a great honor to be interviewed by Pete, who if you don't know him, host a very successful podcast from the UK that rendered over 230.000 downloads in 2009.

Tune in to PC podcast - #293 to listen to the interview

On Voide has been very popular the last week giving a strong 'PopScore' rating due to the high numbers of listeners and fans as a direct result of the release of the new album. This is great news and Jango is also a very cool ground breaking streaming service. If you have not tried it then I can recommend a visit to Jango. You can create your own 'radio station' playing tracks of all your favorite artists - very simple and most of all quite fun!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I/O You - Electronic track of the week!

My track 'I/O You' from Humachine is Electronic Track of the Week at starting today!

I am very glad about the news as becoming track of the week on Garageband is not easy with the tough competition and thousands of tracks.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Red turns to Blue released today!

After over a year of composing, mixing, collaborating, listening, remixing, working on artwork, changing distributor and mastering the Red turns to Blue album is finally released.

If you haven’t had chance to hear any preview of the album then I can prepare you for the experience by sharing the following:

The new album is a musical journey and you will find that the new album features tracks ranging from the more traditional commercial sound to tracks with feel from the first Voide album Space Sponge. I knew very early that this album would be a ’bumpy’ ride although not in an uncomfortable fashion. I’ve put a lot of effort into the arrangement of the track order and I hope that the album will provide you with an engaging and interesting listener experience.
The past year has been full of challenges and hard work both with music and other matters and it is great to feel that I can now deliver a album that I am really proud over, I hope you will like it too!

Make sure that you listen to the title track Red turns to Blue featuring Pixieguts that uses lyrics inspired and partially used by Isabel Lavender.

It appears that the promised digital distribution is lagging a bit, likely due to the holidays, and all sites don’t have the new album listed yet – it should appear in a couple of days.

In the meanwhile you can listen and enjoy the new album at these sites:
Bandcamp (abum available for secure digital purchases using PayPal)

Happy New Year and best wishes for the new decade!
Dave of Voide