Sunday, January 10, 2010

Peter Cogle interviews me about music and the new album

Episode #293 of PC podcast by Pete Cogle features an extensive interview with me about the new album and the road that lead to it including some historical facts, information on ongoing projects and anectodal information. It was a great honor to be interviewed by Pete, who if you don't know him, host a very successful podcast from the UK that rendered over 230.000 downloads in 2009.

Tune in to PC podcast - #293 to listen to the interview

On Voide has been very popular the last week giving a strong 'PopScore' rating due to the high numbers of listeners and fans as a direct result of the release of the new album. This is great news and Jango is also a very cool ground breaking streaming service. If you have not tried it then I can recommend a visit to Jango. You can create your own 'radio station' playing tracks of all your favorite artists - very simple and most of all quite fun!

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