Monday, April 26, 2010

Voide remix of ElectricOkra - Amplifiers released today

Available from iTunes, Amazon. The full list of sites with this release is available on the EML Recordings social network on wackwall.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Music video for Red turns to Blue

It's been quite a while since the last update but here is a long overdue update on what has and is going on.

First of all the music video for Red turns to Blue has been published on YouTube, check it out below and feel welcome to comment on it.

Voide remixes ElectricOkra
Right after the Red turns to Blue album release I contacted ElectricOkra and wanted to remix his track 'Amplifiers'. I was happy to get the permission and the voide remix is about to be released on EML Network Volume One by EML Recordings on April 26th. Please also consider joining the EML Recordings facebook group to get the latest news, there are some really great artists releasing their music through this label!

If you want a sneak peak of my ElectricOkra - Amplifiers remix then you can tune in to the EML Recordings Podcast #4 here.

Me and Pixieguts also published episode #6 of the popular Pixicast podcast. As usual it features great electronic music from around the world. Pixicast is now a proud member of AMP - Association of Music Podcasting. We are currently preparing episode 007 so remember to drop by the Palace Network to submit music for consideration. Listen and subscribe to Pixicast here.

Upcoming release
Me and Pixieguts have been working on a new track in parallel for the last couple of months that will be released late April or very early May this year. This new track is actually quite old, or rather, the music is as I composed it back in 2008 when working on the Humachine album. The track has a very distinct 80s feeling to it that we both hope that you will enjoy. It will be a digital release only, available through iTunes and similar channels.

More music...
In parallel with the above I have started working on a number of new tracks for a potential new album. I have not decided anything yet, I want to see where music takes me first. I am currently in a minimal kraftwerk type mood and exploring what that will lead to. Kraftwerk has always been a major inspiration source to me and I use that as a never ending source of inspiration without trying to replicate their work. I also have some other ideas that I am exploring, this to keep it fun, challenging and interesting.

Your are also welcome to join the Voide facebook group :)

That's all for now.
Take care folks!