Sunday, December 9, 2012

Promo Sunday

Today I have a bit of a promo Sunday spending time in the studio not mixing or composing. I am packaging promo CD copies of Electric Jungle to be shipped to radio stations across the globe. I am quite happy to see that interest in music by Voide is increasing through all channels. Life as an independent Electronica artist is not easy so seeing the growth in acceptance is quite rewarding.

While I spend time with pens, tape, boxes and envelopes I listen to music. I am listening to a very recent new release by my friends in VPS (Vienna Psychoanalytic Society) with the title aversion therapy: remixes & b-sides. I really do recommend that you check this release out!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Beat of You video!

Patrick Stapleton have produced a music video for the Voide track "The beat of you" featuring vocals by Pixieguts. Check it out here:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting into that Halloween mood!

Sharing two Voide tracks to help you get into that Hallowen mood!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chain D.L.K Review - "Agents & Radios"

Marc Tater of Chain D.L.K have reivewed the recent free Voide EP release Agents & Radios.

You can read the review on the Chain D.L.K site

Friday, October 5, 2012

Electric Jungle album released today!

The fith Voide album Electric Jungle is released world wide today October 5! To make it easier to find your favorite channel for accessing my music I have put together this list with links of the most major music streaming and distribution sites. For electronic formats there are many sites while for CD hard copies there is only CDBABY.

Voide - Electric Jungle link list
Bandcamp (Streaming/High Quality download)
Spotify (streaming/mp3)
Amazon (mp3)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Electric Jungle by Voide - Oct 5 2012

On Friday Oct 5 the new Voide album will be released! I present to you here a picture of the back of the hard copy CD with the stunning artwork by Are Eidet as usual. If you know my works then you may also know that Are have assisted me with the artworks for the Love CD single, the Red turns to Blue album and more recently the FREE EP Agents and Radios.
Six of the tracks on the new album features the lush and beautiful vocals by Pixieguts (M. Craven). I really enjoy working together with Marie and her beautiful vocals that brings that extra dimension to the music I produce.

When the album is released this friday I will post links to all locations where it is available for you to pick from at your leisure. The Electric Jungle album is the fifth full Voide album since 2007.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brian Eno about Scape

Before I start updates relating to the new Voide album to be released next friday I wanted to bring your attention to the application Scape developed by Peter Schilvers and Brian Eno.

Read the full article at the Wired UK website
that features a lot of details and history. Well worth a read.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Electric Jungle Singe goes global

The just released Electric Jungle single is available for online streaming and downloads from the following sites:


Global radio promotion starts mid next week (12 Sept). From Wednesday 12/9 and onwards you may hear the new single in a broadcast near you.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Electric Jungle - T minus 13 days

The Electric Jungle global single release is getting closer and closer. Personally I am looking forward to this release and I know Pixieguts is as well. We have been working on this track for a long time. I composed the original music framework back in July 2010 and we drafted the first lyrics and vocals in August the same year. The final mix was ready around Christmas 2011.

While you wait for the upcoming release please feel free to visit the Voide facebook page

Where to buy the CDs? It has become clear to me that where to find Voide album hardcopies has not been all that easy so I have updated the Voide links to increase their relevance.

This is how you find music by Voide matching your expectations:

  • Hardcopy CDs - Only CDBABY 
  • ALL Voide releases in Digital format - Bandcamp 
  • ALL Voide releases are available for Streaming from Spotify 

Other sites have partial sets.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The news you've all been waiting for

Yes, it is time! The first Voide release in quite some time is being released today August 17, 2012. Not only is it the first, it is also a totally FREE release!

That's right, the new EP Agents and Radios is released under a Creative Commons licence with some rights reserved. To download your copy of Agents and Radios, head over to - the ONLY site distributing this digital release.

Agents and Radios EP feature two tracks:
01 Electronic Waves
02 The Agent

More releases by Voide Autumn 2012!
September 7 - Digital single release of the title track from the new Voide album, Electric Jungle. This release features lush vocals by Australian independent female vocalist Pixieguts (M. Craven). It will be available on all major digitial distribution sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 etc.

October 5 - Electric Jungle Album release

It is with great satisfaction that I can announce the 5th Voide album release since 2007. The Electric Jungle album features 12 tracks with 10 new songs. This album release is both a physical CD and Digital release. I'll post more info about the new album in a separate post

Monday, August 6, 2012


After several delays caused by a mix of technical to emotional things the new Voide album is now sent to Tailor Maid for mastering. The last fixes and mixes was finished yesterday and it is now time to start working on the release(s) and the promotion. I was hoping for a physical CD release but the market is simply not there and the costs are a bit high. I will however consider a limited edition of both Red turns to Blue and the new album exclusively for Voide fans.

The new album features 10 new tracks, one single and a short intro track. Additionally there will be a separate FREE release featuring two tracks!

I changed from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my Cubase production system and this caused a number of "interesting" problems. Around Christmas 2011 I managed to get the system production steady again and the constant crashes disappeared. However some of my old VST plugs for Cubase did no longer work adding some extra work.

I will post details about the free release around 11-12 of August.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Voide releases in 2012!

This is an official statement that there will be new releases by Voide in 2012! There will be two Voide tracks released under Creative Commons licences meaning that they will be free of charge and free to share. The first CC release will be in August 2012.

The new album Electric Jungle will have 10 new tracks with the additional inclusion of Side by Side featuring Pixiguts. The collaborations with Pixieguts have continued and the Electric Jungle album will feature five tracks with Pixieguts (Marie Craven) lush and soothing vocals mixed with the Voide electronic soundscapes.

You are most welcome to like and visit Voide on facebook.

For press and album reviews please send Voide a message on facebook.