Saturday, August 25, 2012

Electric Jungle - T minus 13 days

The Electric Jungle global single release is getting closer and closer. Personally I am looking forward to this release and I know Pixieguts is as well. We have been working on this track for a long time. I composed the original music framework back in July 2010 and we drafted the first lyrics and vocals in August the same year. The final mix was ready around Christmas 2011.

While you wait for the upcoming release please feel free to visit the Voide facebook page

Where to buy the CDs? It has become clear to me that where to find Voide album hardcopies has not been all that easy so I have updated the Voide links to increase their relevance.

This is how you find music by Voide matching your expectations:

  • Hardcopy CDs - Only CDBABY 
  • ALL Voide releases in Digital format - Bandcamp 
  • ALL Voide releases are available for Streaming from Spotify 

Other sites have partial sets.

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