Monday, August 6, 2012


After several delays caused by a mix of technical to emotional things the new Voide album is now sent to Tailor Maid for mastering. The last fixes and mixes was finished yesterday and it is now time to start working on the release(s) and the promotion. I was hoping for a physical CD release but the market is simply not there and the costs are a bit high. I will however consider a limited edition of both Red turns to Blue and the new album exclusively for Voide fans.

The new album features 10 new tracks, one single and a short intro track. Additionally there will be a separate FREE release featuring two tracks!

I changed from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my Cubase production system and this caused a number of "interesting" problems. Around Christmas 2011 I managed to get the system production steady again and the constant crashes disappeared. However some of my old VST plugs for Cubase did no longer work adding some extra work.

I will post details about the free release around 11-12 of August.

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