Thursday, August 16, 2012

The news you've all been waiting for

Yes, it is time! The first Voide release in quite some time is being released today August 17, 2012. Not only is it the first, it is also a totally FREE release!

That's right, the new EP Agents and Radios is released under a Creative Commons licence with some rights reserved. To download your copy of Agents and Radios, head over to - the ONLY site distributing this digital release.

Agents and Radios EP feature two tracks:
01 Electronic Waves
02 The Agent

More releases by Voide Autumn 2012!
September 7 - Digital single release of the title track from the new Voide album, Electric Jungle. This release features lush vocals by Australian independent female vocalist Pixieguts (M. Craven). It will be available on all major digitial distribution sites like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 etc.

October 5 - Electric Jungle Album release

It is with great satisfaction that I can announce the 5th Voide album release since 2007. The Electric Jungle album features 12 tracks with 10 new songs. This album release is both a physical CD and Digital release. I'll post more info about the new album in a separate post

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