Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Voide single release!

The new Voide single titled Seasons will be released world wide on November 1st, 2013. This is an  digital release only. It will be available for download and streaming from the most popular music sites like iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon etc.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Halloween update!

Hello again!
It is that time of year again (at least on the northern hemisphere) where darkness and cold is upon us and with Halloween only weeks away I thoght to give you a tip on how to get that balanced spooky feeling with the help of music. Below are two tracks that should do the trick.
Haunted House from the Electric Jungle album (2012)

Necropolis from the Red turns to Blue album (2010)

Upcoming Voide single release in Q4 2013!
A new single track is almost ready for release and it will be released before Christmas 2013. Detailed info about the release will be posted closer to the release date.